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Tuesday, 30 March 2021

Nigerian Record Labels Looking For Artists and their Contact Address

In this post, I’ll be showing you how to contact your favorite Nigerian record label, how you can send your song to these record labels, and a list of Nigerian record labels looking for artistes. 

This guide will also show you how to join a record label, how to start a record label, how to approach a record label for a deal, and contacts of Nigerian record labels looking for artists.

There are hundreds of record labels in Nigeria looking for a recording artist to sign and make famous so that they can profit from him. If you are looking for a record label, to take your music to the next level, I have a list of record labels looking for artists.

Table of Contents

How Does Record Label Deals Work?
Why You Should Join A Record Label?
How Does A Record Label Make Money?
Nigerian Record Labels And Their Contact Address
1. 1960 Music Group
2. 5IVE Music Label
3. 5 Star Music Group
4. Aquila Records
5. April 12 Studios 
6. Boy Blac’ Entertainment
7. Camp Music
8. Capital Hills Records
9. Chocolate City Records
10. DB Records
11. Davido Music Worldwide (DMW)
12. E.M.E Records
13. Edge Records Studios
14. Gary Studios
15. Grafton Entertainment
16. Grand Style Entertainment Ltd
17. HKN Music
18. Hyperteck Digital Record
19. Kennis Music
20. Leisuretyme Production
21. Livespot360 Studios
22. Made Men Music Group
23. Mavin Records
24. Maxibeats Inc
25. Mo’Hits Records
26. Now Muzik
27. Osh Productions
28. Premier Music Nigeria
29. Shawl-X Studio
30. Starboy Music
31. Storm Records
32. Super Cool Cats
33. Tams Records
34. Tinny Entertainment
35. Penthauze Music
36. Toplink Entertainment
37. Bahd Guys
38. Trybe Records
39. X3M Music
40. YBNL

How to Send Your Song to a Record Label

What is a Record Label
How to Start a Record Label
How to Join a Record Label

How Does Record Label Deals Work?
It’s pretty simple. You sign a label contract that states the agreement between you, the artist, and your boss, the label. As stated in the contract, the record label pays you for record sales and helps you secure more life-changing deals in the industry.

The label invests in your music career and development by making, distributing, and marketing your music. Your record label will have a share in your earnings as stated in your contract.

 When a record label signs an artist, the money they pay the artist is called an “advance”. A lot of wealthy Nigerian musicians were only able to achieve the level of success they have now because they joined the right record label.

Why You Should Join A Record Label?
Record labels have the power to make an artist successful, and they offer more opportunities, promotions, and fan base to songwriters than they can achieve on their own. 

The record label is charged with the duty of distributing and promoting your music in soft, digital, and hard copy formats to music stores, music websites, and other marketplaces worldwide.

How Does A Record Label Make Money?
Record labels make most of their money when your music is purchased or licensed for use. These organizations also make money from marketing, royalties, album sales, touring, merchandise, gigs, concerts, or anything they could sell.

Nigerian Record Labels And Their Contact Address
If you are an upcoming artiste, rapper, or instrumentalist looking for a record label to kick start your music career, these record labels are looking for an artist that they would sponsor.

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